Searching may then proceed on the satellite or transponder basis. Out of the box the situation with all of receivers running Enigma2, there is no blind search, and PID selection isn’t incorporated. Searches can hold all channels, or simply the disposable ones.

An inside Broadcom 333MHz processor, assisted by 384MB RAM and 128MB of memory, in the Center of the receiver. Searches are, alas, rather slow. luckily , the receiver is more responsive in regular use.

Channels could be sorted by satellite, provider or (user-definable) favorites lists. A multi-funnel ‘timeline’ EPG spans 11 consecutive channels at the same time the choice is really a more in depth single-funnel mode. DVB and XML-downloaded now-and-next and 7-day schedules fall inside the EPG’s remit, just like text searches and timer setting.

Timeshifting and recording are generally supported, out of the box the opportunity to record and examine two different channels on a single transponder.

Multimedia playback – from USB or networked storage products – can be done with a decent selection of formats, however a separate picture viewer application is considered necessary. An array of plug-ins can be obtained.



The image Or seem quality and responsiveness from the Solo can not be faulted. The handset, which looks good and handles well, can also be significant because of its handy shortcut buttons.

If you are following a no-nonsense budget Linux receiver with a few awesome features, the Solo may be worth thinking about.