This tutorial is for setting up an iptv account on the Starsat Receivers 2000-8800-9900 and the Family.
1: First, upgrade to 1.75 or higher versions
2: Then go to the system setup area
3: Then the last option called Load m3u file mode is on the automatic option
4: Then download the account file we bought into usb and make sure the file extension is m3u
5: Connect the USB to the device. Note that there is no other file inside the USB, except for the account file, enter the USB menu and execute the desired one.
6: Then enter the Networkapp option then the G-MYTUBE option
7: Then the Net Link option, and either on the Flash or Usb option and watching the channels, it is worth noting that if you use the usb option, you should not remove usb from the device during the watch.


1month cccam
3month cccam