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Dreambox DM500 HD review

A couple short years prior, Dream Multimedia – begetter of the Linux-based set-top box – began “scaling down” its items. Truly.

Dreambox DM500

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A hefty portion of the organization’s single-tuner beneficiaries were contracted to something very little greater than an old-school videocassette, and fueled by an outside mains unit.

They extended from the DM100, a fundamental non-Linux satbox, to the DM800 HD PVR which, in spite of its little size, could deal with HD channels and oblige an inner HDD.

In the center was the DM500, a standard-def Linux beneficiary shackled by its PVR non-upgradeability. Its key preference was its premise in Linux, which opened up the miracles of web-gushing, outsider firmware backing and usefulness including ‘modules’. It likewise wore a card space.


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