This tutorial is provided for the popular and powerful ProgDVB Player and is slightly different for other players. But the plug-in used by all the players has a cccam plug-in hadu.
To set the cccam on the ProgDVB or the same satellite card, you must first download the Hadu plugin and then unzip it and drop it to the installer of your player. Here is our Player ProgDVB. Plug the plugin into the installer. If your default C drive is installed, the address of the plugin folder is:
C: \ Program Files \ ProgDVB \ Plugins Now, while you’re in the Plugins folder, create a new folder named Hadu. And the unzipped plugin files (Hadu.dll and Hadu.ini files) into the Hadu folder.

install cccam on progdvb

Next, double-click on the Hadu.ini file to open it. Now, at the bottom of the file, enter your username and password in the specified fields.

After editing the file I mentioned. File it up. Now run the ProgDVB app (if the application is running and close it again) If the plugin is installed correctly. From the Plugins menu, you can access the plugin interface. If you do all the right things, go to a card channels and see that after a while the channel opens.Please Contact us to get the test cccam .


1month cccam
3month cccam