How To Install IPTV Services on Starsat Receivers

This tutorial is for setting up an iptv account on the Starsat Receivers 2000-8800-9900 and the Family. 1: First, upgrade to 1.75 or higher versions 2: Then go to the system setup area 3: Then the last option called Load m3u file mode is on the automatic option 4: Then download the account file we bought into usb and make sure the file extension is ...

confing cccam progdvb

How To confing cccam on ProgDVB

This tutorial is provided for the popular and powerful ProgDVB Player and is slightly different for other players. But the plug-in used by all the players has a cccam plug-in hadu. To set the cccam on the ProgDVB or the same satellite card, you must first download the Hadu plugin and then unzip it and drop it to the installer of ...

Vu+ Solo CCCAM

Vu+ Solo CCCAM [ Aritcle ]

Exclusive Post By Suncccam ! you can install CCcam Server on Vu+ Solo easily and enjoy sun cccam performance Please Share My Website in your social media , Its fundamental design is unassuming, by having an uncluttered front panel carried out in Matt black. There is no front-panel display, making the appropriate setup menu in VIX fairly redundant. Rather, a few LEDs indicate fundamental ...

openbox cccam

Install CCCAM on Openbox V8S V8SE V5S

Today we have something for you and that Install CCCAM on Openbox V8S V8SE V5S To install cccam on Openbox V5S, V8S or V8SE boxes, Simple procedure has to be followed. In the first stage: -First Create a CCcam.cfg file containing your Clines and copy it onto a USB stick. In the two stage: -Connect the USB stick to usb port on the box. In the three ...


1month cccam
3month cccam